We revolutionize your company with AI Employees, optimizing processes and reducing costs.

AI employees are digital robots created with artificial intelligence that complete key tasks and processes in your company, improving efficiency and reducing costs.


Use AI Employees to multiply human efforts up to three times.


Protect your human employees' productivity by optimizing their time. 


We proudly boast a large base of highly satisfied clients with the results.


Contamos con una cartera de Empleados IA que no deja de crecer día a día.
What We Do

Delegate tasks and processes to an AI Employee.

From now on, you have to think in terms of AI Employees and Human Employees. AI Employees handle the most repetitive tasks or those that a human cannot fully manage.





Our AI Employees are custom-designed for your company and exclusively trained with your information to achieve maximum performance without the need for intervention.
Why us?

Human-Centric Digital Transformation

With our focus on improving human lives, we are dedicated to transforming your company through AI Employees, digital robots that automate key tasks and processes. By enhancing efficiency and reducing costs, we enable your team to concentrate on what truly matters: social, strategic, and creative activities.


Are you a traditional company or a smart company?

The world is beginning to divide between "traditional" companies that are struggling to keep up with new technologies and "smart" companies that are succeeding. Where do you stand?

Smart Companies

Scalable Growth
Thanks to automation and improved efficiency, these companies can scale rapidly without needing to proportionally increase human resources.
High Profitability
The reduction in operational costs and increased efficiency achieved through automation boost the company's profitability.
Quick and Informed Decisions 
Decisions are made based on real-time data analysis and AI algorithms, providing faster and more objective results.
Fast Work Pace
Processes are automated and optimized through AI, significantly increasing operational efficiency for both humans and the company.

Traditional Companies

Limited Growth
The capacity for growth is restricted by the need to proportionally increase human resources and manage manual processes.
Low Profitability
High operational and personnel costs significantly reduce profitability.
Slow Decisions with Higher Error Rate
Decisions are based on manual analyses and employee experience, which can be slow and subjective.
Slow Work Pace
Operational efficiency relies heavily on human intervention and manual processes, which are much slower and more prone to errors.
Don't wait for your competitors to take the lead. Get ahead and grow much faster than they do, or you can wait for them to do it first.
Here’s How You’ll Get Your AI Employee

Easy, Personalized, and Affordable

We will handle the most complex aspects; we just need you to tell us how you want the AI Employee to work in your company.

Initial Onboarding Meeting

We will have a meeting where you will tell us exactly what you want the AI Employee to do and what its objective is.

We will create the AI Employee you need.

Utilizaremos información relevante de su empresa para capacitar a tu empleado en IA según nos hayas ordenado previamente.

We integrate it with your existing work tools.

We connect the AI with the tools you use in your work processes.

We launch it securely.

Once the learning and integration process is complete, you will start working with the AI Employee.

Maximum security, guaranteed privacy, and complete control

At Cibernova, we are committed to protecting your data with advanced security measures, compliance with European regulations, and tools that give you complete control over your information.

Data Privacy

We prioritize your data privacy by ensuring that your information is not shared or used without your explicit consent.

Data Control

You have complete control over your data, with easy-to-use tools to manage and delete your information whenever you wish.

GDPR Compliance

Cibernova cumple con el RGPD de la UE, ofreciendo seguridad avanzada para integraciones de API y privacidad del usuario.

No Model Training Required

Unlike other platforms, we never use your private data to retrain our AI models.

Built-in Security

Our security infrastructure includes granular access control and protection against unauthorized access.

Backup and Recovery

Maintain backups and disaster recovery plans to ensure data availability.

It’s Not Just About Technology

We aim to unleash human potential so that your employees can focus on what truly matters: creativity, strategy, human relationships, and innovation.