We are people with the ability to dream.

A group of people working together to achieve things that no one has ever accomplished before. Visionaries, ambitious, and persistent—these are probably the best words to define all of us who work at Cibernova.
Our mission

We are lovers of technology and time

At the heart of all of us at Cibernova lies a deep love for how technology elevates humans to another level and optimizes the most precious thing on the planet, "time."

For us, time is pure gold, and our mission is essentially to make the most of it. This mindset, combined with our capacity for innovation, led us to create AI Employees.
AI Employees are the new generation of workers. They are digital robots that work for humans and with whom we can enhance our lives thanks to the multiple benefits they offer.

Thanks to AI Employees, humans can make more productive use of our time, dedicating it to tasks with a profound professional impact and thus elevating companies to another level without sacrificing our personal lives.
Human Employees


A multidisciplinary and balanced team with the ability to meet all the needs of our goals.
AI Employees


The team of AI Employees brings a fresh perspective to achieve excellence that humans alone cannot attain.
The birth or founding of the company

July 2023

Despite starting in January 2023, it was in July of that same year when we decided to form the company.


Carlos, Cristian, and Jordi created this wonderful idea from scratch after seeing the opportunity as an automation agency.

But above all, we are good people surrounded by good people.

Cibernova was actually founded in January 2023, where Cristian, Jordi, and Carlos were "accelerating" companies from a technological standpoint. It was at that moment when they discovered that with AI, they could create digital robots to complete tasks like humans.
Jordi Beltrán Breva
CEO & Founder
Cristian Andrei Mihăilă
CTO & Founder
Carlos Lázaro Quiles
CMO & Founder